The Wild Burrito – South Philly Lunch

For the past several weeks I have been good about eating raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts for the first portion of the day. Last week however was such a whirlwind that I ran out of time to prep anything to bring with me for lunch. Luckily my office is in South Philly, close to a number of vegan and vegan friendly spots. Not that long ago a new player appeared on the vegan friendly scene only about three blocks from my office. The Wild Burrito is a Mexican fast casual spot that originated in Wildwood, New Jersey and became well known for their ‘Avocado Fries’ which are battered and deep fried avocado quarters!!

So lunch quickly approached and I decided to stroll down the street and give this place a try. It is a small spot that offers take out, catering and dine in seating that is BYOB. Looking over the menu they have a number of vegan options – not just a toss away rice and been burrito!  I decided to give the salsa and fresh fried chips a go along with the Vegan Al Pastor Burrito. I mean how can I not order a burrito at a place called The Wild Burrito right?


Vegan Al Pastor Burrito & Chips & Salsa

The burrito is made with an achiote marinated seitan, grilled pineapple, black beans, cilantro lime rice, pickled red onions and a vegan ranch dressing. The staff is very friendly and helpful with the menu and was happy to answer any questions. So I chatted up the guy making my burrito. He told me that their vegan items are selling very well!  That is exciting to hear. Also it was cool to find out that the seitan they use comes from Blackbird and the vegan ranch and other vegan condiments comes from The Vegan Commissary!  Solid purveyors, and a smart move I think; using well know and respected establishments in the Philly vegan community to supply items that could be tricky to make in house for a non vegan establishment.

I got my order to go and headed back to the office. I dug rite in as I was super hungry.  The chips were nice and crispy and salty with a vibrant fresh taste from the salsa. The burrito was full of flavor – deep flavor from the achiote marinade balanced by the freshness of the lime rice and pineapple. It certainly hit the spot – both tasting great and satisfying! I pride myself on being able to eat a lot – this lunch certainly filled me up and did not leave me feeling hungry!

I thought about getting the avocado fries – but honestly I haven’t been running nearly as many miles in the past month as normal so I couldn’t justify eating deep fried avocado! They also serve one of my favorite junk / comfort foods – nachos! The have two vegan versions, traditional and also a ‘Buffalo’ version with buffalo seitan with vegan buffalo and bleu cheese sauces! I will have to save these for the next trip for sure – ending there after a five mile run sounds like a firm plan!

So if you are in the Dickinson Square section of South Philly and you are looking for a quick, satisfying vegan Mexican bite stop in The Wild Burrito and give it a shot!

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