Hollow Chocolate Bunnies! 

I think everyone, vegans included, have a dietary ‘Achilles heel’. For me it is sweets and more specifically chocolate. I eat relatively healthy the majority of the time and I run, on average, 30 miles a week and feel the occasional sweet indulgence is allowed and maybe even a little deserved!

Now last year my wife was telling me that one of the things she misses from her non-vegan days is eating a hollow chocolate bunny around Easter. In full disclosure I dropped the ball on this last year.  I had to make sure this year to come through. So one morning I Googled and one of the first site to come back was Premium Chocolatiers.  I read a few reviews and it is a Google Trusted Site so I thought, why not give it a go.  

I ordered two bunnies…one small 2 ounce  ‘Benny’ and one large 5.6 ounce ‘Franky’.  Ordering was a snap and I was emailed an order confirmation right away.  Received a shipping notice with tracking number the same day and they arrived on my doorstep in three days!

These little guys tasted really good, just like you would expect an Easter treat would taste, sweet and chocolaty with that familiar hollow ‘snap’ as you bite into it which my wife really enjoys.

I was happy to find this company and will certainly order from them again as they have a nice assortment of confectionery creations – all vegan!

Doesn’t matter if you are vegan or not, I think you would enjoy this candy and really if it taste great and doesn’t harm anyone – why not go that route?

Happy Easter season to those of you who celebrate!

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