Restaurant Reviews


Let’s face it – one of the most fun and enjoyable things to do is go out to a restaurant and get a great meal.  If you didn’t love that, odds are good you wouldn’t be looking at this page, right?

I know it is one of my favorite things to do and even before I became vegan I have always been a bit of a ‘food snob’.  I guess now the more endearing word is ‘Foodie’ so I am guilty as charged!  I enjoy food, and as a vegan I still expect exceptionally tasty food when I go out.  This is Philly – some of the most influential and innovative vegan cuisine is right in our home field!  No reason  to settle for a salad option anymore…it actually angers me if someone suggests I get a salad!

I hope that you come along with me to explore what seems like endless vegan option in and around Philly – I will be upfront and give you my thoughts, good or bad, on what I think about the food I find.  Thanks to our crazy schedule and commute and commitment to running, my wife Karen and I often find a spot to eat while traffic dies down on the roadways – so follow along as I hope to introduce some new, exciting and legit tasting food stops to you!

Eating Out – 2017

Zahav – Great Food with Great Friends

Choolaah Indian BBQ – KOP

Eating Out – 2016

Mill Street Cantina

Cedar Point – Traffic Jam Addition

Meatless Monday with Chef Lenka Zivkovic

Flora Restaurant – Birthday Edition

Sprig & Vine – Late Mother’s Day Edition

Vegan Commissary – Market Edition

Blackbird Pizza: The Calzone Effect

The Chilly Banana – Happy Friday!

The Wild Burrito – South Philly Lunch