On The Run


Our Race Bibs and Medals as of January 2016 – All earned as Vegan Runners!

Running has become a large part of my life, surprisingly since I used to hate the thought of running for a very long time.  As my wife and I were making some healthy changes in our lives back in 2011 she somehow convinced me to go for a run, explaining that if I didn’t like it I could ‘just stop running’. Up until this point I was halfheartedly running (walking fast) on a treadmill in the gym just as a warm up to circuit training.  My first real run outside could hardly be classified as a ‘run’ at all – I couldn’t run more than a city block, maybe a block and a half, at a time before having to slow to a walk.   I was instantly hooked – and since that initial run I have trained for and completed a number of 5Ks, half marathons and my first full marathon on November 22, 2015.  Running has also taught me that things aren’t learned or completed in an instant; that through hard work, dedication and some sacrifice a goal can be eventually attained.  I hope some of my running stories and training logs on this page inspire in some way – even if it isn’t getting you up and out for a run!

Feel the Love 5k – 02/13/2016