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When people first learn that I am vegan, 99.9% of the time the questions are pretty typical -‘Where do you get your protein’ ‘So, what can you eat?’ ‘So, what can’t you eat?’  I guess I understand this as food is central to every culture and most social activities revolve around or incorporate food somehow.  So understandably what is on someone’s plate is most indicative of how they choose to live and often the most noticed.

But being an ethical vegan goes beyond diet.  It is living compassionately to limit animal suffering and exploitation.  This reaches well beyond our plates.  Animals are the hidden victims of everyday household and personal care products.  Animals are condemned to a life of pain and misery as test subjects and they are not always the types of animals you think, but instead are what most people see as soft cuddly pets – bunny rabbits and dogs – usually Beagles.  Also byproducts of animals slaughtered for food often find  their way into everyday products.  These majorly contribute to animal suffering.  So I am always on the search for new cruelty free items and I will be sharing them on this page to hopefully get people thinking beyond what a vegan eats.

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