The Chilly Banana – Happy Friday!

It has been a bit of a hectic Friday in the office. For lunch I decided to hit the Indego Bike Station around the corner of my office at Dickinson Square. A twenty minute bike ride around Center City was perfect to clear my head. But it is June and pretty warm out there already, so I am finding myself looking for something lighter to eat.

Last week I noticed a new ‘neighbor’ up the block. Looking like a converted camper that is painted in a cheerful cotton candy like pink is The Chilly Banana.  I stopped to check it out but couldn’t try their offerings because I was out of cash – and for now that is the only form of payment they take. However Kevin, one of the owners, said they are working on accepting cards. IMG_4625

Our new neighbor is a fruit based mobile food cart serving banana whips and golden deep fried banana/hazelnut rollies. They also make all their sauces in house! Their Mission Statement from their Facebook page states: ‘The Chilly Banana aims to provide a healthy and affordable alternative for snacking. We build our recipes around natural, fruit- and plant-based ingredients with the highest standards for quality.’

I docked my bike and with cash in had I walked up and checked out the menu to try and decide what best would cool me down after my ride. IMG_4623Kevin is an  upbeat dude who was happy to answer my questions and I was pleased to find out that the majority of the Banana Jams are vegan by default. I was a little bummed to find that their peanut butter sauce wasn’t vegan, but that is because I have a peanut butter addiction and who knows, maybe they will work on a vegan PB Sauce soon! Kevin also informed me that the Bananaberry Shortcake Jam, isn’t vegan now, but may soon be! He is looking to work with Miss Rachel’s Pantry to supply the pound cake! Seeing how it is a Friday in June I thought the Banana on Vacation Jam not only sounded appropriate but also pretty damn good! I mean how can you go wrong with a frozen whipped banana topped with fresh pineapple, toasted coconut chips and scratch made coconut milk whipped cream (CMWP)! Unfortunately it looked like today they were out of the ‘Rollies’ – they will have to wait for another day!

Man did this hit Jam the spot!  The cold and creamy whipped banana could easily pass for an ice cream, fresh sweet pineapple and toasted coconut chips not only provided some texture but that tropical flavor that we all love this time of year! I was really impressed with their  CMWP; it is slightly sweet but velvety and rich, perfect topping for these Jams.

Right now, they plan on hanging around in South Philly by Dickinson  Square (on Moyamensing Ave just North of Morris Street) and they post their scheduled times on their Facebook and Instagram. But Kevin said they are mobile and will be looking to move about in other sections of Philly and also they are available to set up at special events!

For me, this is a very welcomed food vendor to Philly.  I happy they are so close and I plan on swinging by and checking out some other offering – maybe even talking them in that vegan PB sauce! I wish  them well and definitely encourage you to swing by for a cold refreshing and delicious treat if you are in South Philly.

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