Miss Rachel, Vegan Cheese & Community Love

Rachel Klein works her vegan magic at Miss Rachel’s Panty, a small, vintage vibe space, in South Philly.  She is the premier vegan caterer in Philly and also hosts weekly dinners in her Pantry which are BYOB. You can choose to sit at the 12 seat communal table or at a couple of the slightly more private tables for two. In this quaint and relaxed setting you’ll enjoy a 5 course meal full of deliciousness. I have been to a couple of these dinners, and let me tell you they will not only satisfy your stomach but will satisfy your soul! Spending a couple hours drinking wine, making new friends, experiencing the heart and love Rachel puts into each plate of food, is something well worth treating yourself too every now and again. I can’t stress enough that you should make a reservation if you are near the Philly Area! I have also popped in to pick up cheese on a number of occasions, as she will do ‘Cheese Nights’ where you can order some of her specialty cheeses.  Her pub cheese is legendary here in Philly.

Rachel and her Pantry was recently featured on Dustin Harder’s YouTube Series The Vegan Roadie.  You can check out that episode – with a cameo of yours truly – right HERE! The Philly vegan community is lucky to have her here, and the local restaurant scene is vastly improved with her around – she quietly serves up some of the best plates of food in the city.


Miss Rachel with Dustin Harder – The Vegan Roadie

When you meet Rachel, you immediately know what a genuinely sweet and kind hearted person she is, and you see how she treats everyone with unassuming warmth and a huge smile.  So it came as no surprise at the beginning of the week when she announced a special ‘What Would Cheeses Do? (Raise some cheddar for Puerto Rico)’ event. A portion of the proceeds from tonight’s event will go to those affected by the devastation in Puerto Rico. She had some foods to eat in, and some to take home for later. So, of course, I did both.

My wife and I ordered the cheese plate and the cheesesteak to eat there. The cheese plate had a variety of her cheeses-ricotta, mozzarella, and cheddar -with crackers, figs, roasted / candied nuts, olives and the most amazing beet pepperoni. Everything was just delicious. I could’ve eaten about 5 more cheese plates. But I resisted the temptation, because I had a cheesesteak coming out (foreshadowing – I saved a few of the beets).

The cheesesteak was fantastic. The bread was just crusty enough, but not too hard. The filling of seitan, peppers, and onions slathered with her insanely good cheese ‘wiz’ was just  vegan perfection. Pro tip-put the beet pepperoni in the cheesesteak, it’s beyond words. Really – that beet pepperoni is LIT!

Naturally we couldn’t leave empty handed, so we ordered some cheese to go. We got a container of her famous pub cheese, which is my favorite-smoky, creamy and rich goodness. We also got a truffle cream cheese and a block of cheddar cheese. I’m right there for anything truffle flavored, so that was right up my alley. It was smooth and creamy. The cheddar was amazingly cheddar like. I don’t know HOW she manages to get the taste and texture of cheddar, but she did it.


Magical Vegan Cheeses! 

We were happy to head over, eat some great food, get a warm hello and smile from Rachel, and support a great cause.  This meal reminded me that we need to get to her restaurant more often.  Great vegan food, a homey, comfortable atmosphere, and a terrific, caring business owner. What more could you ask for?


3 thoughts on “Miss Rachel, Vegan Cheese & Community Love

  1. Oh my cheese!!! That sounds incredible. I visited a vegan friend in Philly a couple years ago and was blown away by the vegan scene you guys have got going on there. That dinner sounds amazing, would love to catch it next time I’m able to make a trip to Philly!

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