Waffled Tofu?!

The other night I was scrolling through my IG Page and came across some shenanigans from my friends The Food Duo.  Seems like they were bored one night and decided to toss some tofu into a waffle iron! Low and behold not only did it look really good, they confirmed that it tasted great!  So within minutes of this confirmation, my wife ordered us a waffle iron on Amazon.  Fast forward a couple of days later and we have our first test run: General Tso’s Waffled Tofu!

I preheated the waffle iron (A Hamilton Beach Belgium Style Waffle Maker) as per instructions, plug it in, set to high and wait for the green light to come on!  I had already pressed my tofu for about a half hour before.  I sliced it into fourths horizontally across the block which fits this size waffle iron perfectly.


I sprayed the waffle iron with some non stick spray, set the tofu on the iron and lowered the boom! You will get a lot of steam, and as the tofu cooks, after a few minutes, I applied pressure too the lid of the iron until I was able to latch it shut.  I didn’t disturb the cooking process. Let it go for 10 – 12 minutes then take a peak.  Mine was done to what I thought was a good level of golden brown – keep on cooking if you like yours more crispy.

They came right off the iron, I plated and poured some accidentally vegan General Tso’s bottled sauce that I found at Aldi’s and brushed to cover.  I served it with some green beans I lightly pan seared in a tablespoon of oil and dusted with some Montreal style seasoning.


Although in the future, I may just cut it in half or in thirds as I think a slightly thicker tofu delivers better the Best of Both Worlds texture of a crispy exterior and a light soft interior.  I strongly suggest trying this method of cooking tofu – it is my new favorite way of cooking up some fast tofu eats!

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