Vegan Shoes – ANI Brand

I have been having a hard time finding vegan shoes lately.  Probably because just about everything I wear, other than running shoes, comes from scouring the clearance racks! Ever since my marathon training last summer and fall my feet have been feeling pretty beat up and some of the ‘bargain’ casual shoes I bought haven’t help.

So I was pretty excited to come across ANI Brand (As Nature Intended) shoes, an eco-friendly all vegan shoe company that makes ‘barefoot’ shoes.  Barefoot means they are very minimal in the difference between height of the heel and toe.  I came across these shoes while watching one of my favorite vegan YouTube channels Brian Turner.  He is a vegan body builder who is extremely positive, been killing his workouts, and doing a fantastic job representing the vegan athlete. I suggest you check out his channel and give him some vegan support!

I checked out ANI’s website and looked over their shoes.  I am in  the market for casual wear, but these shoes, while stylish, can certainly be used as training shoes in the gym. Brian said he got his pair to use during leg day at the gym. I decided on just a basic pair of all black low tops and on April 15, 2016 placed an order online with ease opting for priority shipping.  In just a few days I received my order on April 22, 2016!

I un-boxed them (they were shipped without any wasteful packing, btw) and tried them on to find they felt soft and cushiony, much like a slipper but fit nice snugly like a glove.  Since they are minimal I feel like I am slight back on my heels, not that it is a bad thing.  I am excited to give them a full test, wearing them everyday at work, but with they felt for the few hours I had them on, think I may have found a go to shoe!  My feel already feel happier! So give the site a look and see if you think the shoes may work for you.  If you decide to place an order please use the discount code BRIAN10 for a 10% discount off your order.


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